Helping Those On the Spectrum Live Their Best Lives.


Early Intervention

Early detection is key to future progress. Although there's no medical test to diagnose autism     spectrum disorder (ASD), doctors will look at the child’s behavior and development. They perform a  Developmental Screening and Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation. 

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Speech & OT Therapy 

ARTC will provide critical Speech and OT Therapy programs. Our Speech Therapy program will help to improve the ability to understand and appropriately communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings. 

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Sensory Zones

Those on the spectrum often have difficulty processing sensory information such as sounds, brightness, textures, smells, tastes and movement. This can cause seemingly ordinary situations to feel overwhelming often interfering with daily functions. 

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     Parental Support  

The constant monitoring and care giving can result in complete exhaustion for parents who never get a break. It's common for families to feel the impact of stress as they juggle work, family, medical and therapy appointments and finances. 

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1 In 59 Children In The U.S. Is Diagnosed With Autism.

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder yet the most underfunded.